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For ratings, please refer to the first part (1 of 6). On October 2, 2003, "Maalaala Mo Kaya" (MMK) featured on their program the life story of the late child star and matinee idol Julie Vega. Featuring an ensemble cast led by Angelica Panganiban as Julie, with Michael De Mesa and Rio Locsin portrayed Julie's parents, Drs. Julio and Perla Postigo respectively. The episode was well-received by both critics and Julie Vega fans alike and was noted for its use of actual footage of the late actress' burial, which featured not only countless fans but also grieving celebrities like Fernando Poe, Jr. and Janice De Belen. Several cast members of her soap opera "Annaliza" served as pallbearers. The video footage was lent to the MMK producers for the episode by the Postigos themselves. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! 2003 © "Maalaala Mo Kaya" is a production of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved 1991.



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