Nivrutti Maharaj Tukoba Sange Patta Devacha Part video

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Pravachan: - The Pravachan (discourse) given by Nivruti Maharaj Deshmukh is based on the moral values to be followed in day to day life & to devote time to worship the Almighty God.Also he guides us to be a good human being, avoid bad habits, do not follow superstition & give good education to you child.Kirtan: - Nivruti Maharaj Deshmukh sings all the Kirtans (Prayers) written by the great saints of Maharashtra like Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Eknath, Sant Namdev, Sant Gora Kumbahr & many more.All these kirtans are for the Lord Vitthal whose temple is at Pandharpur (Maharashtra). They are sung in day to day life & also on all the Maharashtrian festive occasions.



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