Smriti Irani Solid Interview in Seedhi Bat from Aaj Tak News video

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Smriti Irani in Aajtak's Sidhi Baat with Rahul Kanwal. Rahul Kanwal a paid journo invite Smritiji for interview but he ask only about Narendra Modi and Godhra 2002 but smriti Irani cleverly exposed Rahul Kawal and took his solid interview. Smriti ji know very well how to deal with paid congi stooges. this video goes viral on YouTube and other social media. Rahul Kanwal and Aajtak have problem with this video so they have removed video from their YouTube channel and they are also blocking video if anyone uploaded on YouTube citing Copyright issues. LIKE::SHARE::SUBSCRIBE




Uploaded 2013-05-15 23:06:38

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