Nivrutti Maharaj Bhagyawan Mansachi Lakshan Part video

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Pravachan: - The Pravachan (discourse) given by Nivruti Maharaj Deshmukh is based on the moral values to be followed in day to day life and to devote time to worship the Almighty God.Also he guides us to be a good human being, avoid bad habits, do not follow superstition and give good education to you child.Kirtan: - Nivruti Maharaj Deshmukh sings all the Kirtans (Prayers) written by the great saints of Maharashtra like Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Eknath, Sant Namdev, Sant Gora Kumbahr and many more.All these kirtans are for the Lord Vitthal whose temple is at Pandharpur (Maharashtra). They are sung in day to day life and also on all the Maharashtrian festive occasions.




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