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Horse giving birth UPDATE 2: I am going to make a small contest for a silly thing that you can be part of when you subscribe! Subscribe so you can be part of the contest which I will be telling you about in my next video! It's a small thing but it only costs you to subscribe to be part of it :) UPDATE I found a short video of after the birth giving the baby to his mother and its cute, so you see the mom is happy with the work we did :p due to the many unpleasent comments i received about the man pulling the foal, i decided to explain why he did. first the owner of this farm takes really good care of these horses, and he would not attempt anything that might give any of them even a small scratch. second the reason why a man was helping that horse is because if the horse does this on her own, she will be in much more pain for a much longer time, another thing is, if the horse gets tired why the foal is not out yet, she got cause a suffocation for the baby and take its life away, moreover, the horse could die with the foal if she gets tired. now please stop commenting about things you dont understand and i appreciate the fact that some people defended the actions in this video.

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