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"Promise of a New Day" from "Straight Up Vampire" at Joe's Pub, NYC 10/30/10 "It's 1763 and there are vampires in Philadelphia. Paula Abdul Blackwood is a beautiful young Quaker girl being forced into marriage with the wheelwright's son. Jack Sheridan, a politically idealistic young vampire, is the man she loves. Everywhere there is dissent. Fractious parties debate the future of the colony. MC Skat Kat and Benjamin Franklin vie for power in the Assembly." Book by Nick Jones, Zak Vreeland and Peter James Cook Directed by Peter James Cook Music and lyrics by Paula Abdul Music direction by Michael Iannantuono Music performed by Dr Steam Whipple and the Prescriptions (w/ Josh Rutner, Misty Boyce, Fon Lin Nyeu, Ronen Itzik, and Daniel Ori) Featuring: Drae Campbell, Justin Noble, Tanya O'Debra, Jason Quarles, Megan Stern, Philip Taratula, Emily Simoness, Katina Corrao, Luis Moreno and Corn Mo as Dr. Benjamin Franklin




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