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Top Five Dark Movies

Mar, 29 '12 Subject: Entertainment, Viewed by: 26

Movies filmed on plots from the dark can be a real source of entertainment. You may choose to watch these movies alone with a bowl full of popcorn in front of you but I'd say you get friend.....More

The Top 10 Zombie Movies of the Last 50 Years

Mar, 29 '12 Subject: Entertainment, Viewed by: 25

Whether you are a new zombie fan yourself or simply trying to introduce someone to this genre, here are the ten best zombie movies of the last 50 years:Night of the Living Dead: This is THE cla.....More

Top 10 TV Box Sets You Need To See Or Start Watching

Mar, 29 '12 Subject: Entertainment, Viewed by: 16

Might I remind that these are in a list of how enjoyable we found the entire series to watch.1. 24Jack Bauer really has had some bad days in his time, all of which can be bought in the eight season .....More

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