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In this challenging game you\'re a little fairy and your best friend has been fairy-napped by the devil, he has caged your little friend inside a magical bubble and left her in one of hells most deepest caves. You\'ve managed to track her down and now you must rescue her by getting her back to the land of fairies where the spell can be broken. As your friend can no longer use her wings, you\'ve to use yours in order to get her out, but of course no rescue would be a rescue without a few challenges in the way!Left Click and Hold to flap your wings and move your Mouse to move yourself around. Prevent the bubble from touching the sharp obstacles or your friend will get injured. Try to complete all the levels and save your friend.This game is nothing more than one of the many \'navigate the tunnel\' clones.

Category Action

Tags Daily, Free, Games, BUBBLE FAIRY

Uploaded 2008-02-11 16:04:01

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