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Every 15 years the golgotha desert goes through an ice age, causing a natural bridge to the neighboring arctic continent of Torrid Grey. Clubby is an endagered species from the old land, a seal bred for slaughter who has escaped. Traveling throuth the freshly frozen Golgotha badlands collecting the skins of those who oppressed him, Clubby`s goal is simple, kick some ass and make some cash. Use the arrow keys to move, A to attack, S to jump, D to use the mask when aquired and Esc to pause.

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Tags seal, years, golgotha, desert, goes, age, natural, bridge, neighboring, arctic, continent, torrid, grey, endagered, species, old, bred, slaughter, escaped, traveling, freshly, frozen, badlands, collecting, skins, oppressed, clubbys, goal, ass, cash, jump,

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