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I have not played the earlier version of Twin Shot, and even though this version of Twin Shot 2 allows you to play only one part of the game that comprises 50 levels it still is loads of fun. In twin shot you are an angel armed with a bow and arrow like cupid, and you have to pass numerous levels of much variation. This game has so much to offer, the creators of Twin Shot 2 who also made Sky Wire definitely know what they are doing. Apart from the many different creatures you come across over here in this game, every level has something new to offer. The flexibility in the game as well is amazing the ability to walk off the screen from one side enter from the other makes the game play even more captivating. All this while keeping the basic controls of the game simple definitely seems like a wining combination. The transition from one level to the other also is kind of cute, if you like this game I am pretty sure you will spend quite a bit of your time trying to finish these fifty levels, have fun!

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