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\"Help the troll to bounce on the mushroom, collect all the fruits and light up the rings while avoiding the baddies... This is a nice and addictive game based on the classic \"\"Breakout\"\" but with great graphics and twisted gameplay. In this game you\'ve to help a little troll to jump on the mushroom and grab all the fruits hanging above. Use your Mouse to control the mushroom below. In each level you must open the hollow in the tree to proceed to the next level. To open the hollow, first accomplish the following: - collect all the fruits hanging above - light up all the rings - and grow plants on all the stumps. Avoid the baddies flying by and don\'t fall down or you\'ll lose a life. Try to complete all the challenging levels and submit your score to the high score list at the end. Good luck.\"

Category Strategy

Tags Daily, Free, Games, JUMPING, TROLL

Uploaded 2008-03-03 17:06:44

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