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Atheism - The Highest State of Ignorance,

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Atheism - The Highest State of Ignorance
How can one think to be independent of God and deny His existence? On what basis do the atheists put forward their arguments? I don’t really know. But I am supremely confident that they are all just acts arising because of poor fund of knowledge. I feel that most of the atheists are supporters of scientists who claim to be able do anything and everything without God’s consent. The discussion seems to start generally from the following question. Let’s discuss it by taking an example. How did the Universe come into existence? Some say talk of the chemical evolution, some about the well known Big-bang theory. Whatever the theory may be, the theories which deny the existence of God arise only because of the current state of ignorance in the general masses regarding the spiritual aspects of human life. A common man considers such materially learned scholars to be of high intellect and generally they go by the words of such scientists. Not only scientists even the political leaders, who with a poor fund of actual knowledge (Spiritual Knowledge) enter into politics and by some or the other way get into power. But actually a man either a politician or a scientist who denies the existence of God is surely blind in spiritual knowledge. And the current situation is like that of a blind man leading another blind man. This is how things are going on. One needs to save oneself from this turmoil and needs to live a life with spiritual consciousness. Otherwise how is it possible to end the cycle of birth and death? How can we save ourselves from threefold miseries of material existence? Birth, disease, old age and death (BDOD cycle)? Only by His causeless infinite mercy we can get out of this temporary world and achieve that Absolute realm by serving Him with love. And in the meantime if we waste our time with meaningless arguments by being an atheist, our hopes for having a happy life will crumble totally. ------------- By the mercy of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Links to my previous blog posts are on the right side of this webpage. You may go through them.
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