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Customize Your Travel India Packages To Explore The Unexplored,

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India is a hub for exotic tourist destinations. The country spells out landmarks like the Taj Mahal, pink city of Jaipur, pristine sandy beaches of Goa, plush grasslands, meanders and lagoons of Kerala, the Himalayas, and the endless valleys in Kashmir. These hot-spots represent Indian tourism and draw more globe trotters than any other destination in India does. However, there are places in India yet to be unraveled but just as beautiful. Next time you go traveling to India, find those hidden nooks and corners & add a zing of unconventional adventure to your holiday. Need some help there? The swarming streets, over-crowded beaches and teeming markets can wait, as the following four clandestine escapades await your arrival.

Daman and Diu:

This small Union Territory rests just above Maharashtra, upon the western coast of India. Daman and Diu is known for its clear tranquil beaches and forts that display intricate architecture, lighthouses and parks. The Portuguese styled churches, houses and forts there are a real treat for the eyes. Divided into Moti Daman and Nani Daman, the former encompasses Government structures and ancestral churches. Nani Daman on the other hand is home to luxurious hotels. A quiet and untouched place, Daman and Diu is perfect in the eyes of a budget traveler who quests for adventure and serenity.


Half the nation is unaware that this place exists! Well, save for students in the fifth grade who read about it to be that strange place which receives the heaviest rain showers in the world. A green heaven, Cherrapunjee comes across as one of those places etched off a fantasy novel. The immaculate and unsoiled waterfalls here make it seem like paradise on Earth. A 56 km drive from Shillong and you will arrive here in Cherrapunjee. The combination of cool breezes, green hillocks and milky waterfalls is spellbinding and gives you a chilly experience. Khasi monoliths, Limestone caves and Mawsmai falls are star attractions here in this evergreen town.

Tarkali Beach:

Water sports like Scuba diving and snorkeling in India are rare despite the major beach destinations in the country. Tarkali is one of the few greenish-blue water beach with chaste white washed shores that offers snorkeling and scuba diving. The water is so clear and transparent that you can see through up to 15 feet. The Sindhudurg Fort, Devbag beach and Backwaters are other stellar attractions worth a visit. Not to mention the Malvani cuisine, that plays sweet havoc with its sumptuous flavors. Here in western coastal India, the curries are authentic and so is the art of cooking seafood.


This experimental township is located north of Pondicherry and is home to Aurovilians. In the early 90’s this land was barren and unyielding. Today, this place is surging with surprises for curious tourists not only because of its extraordinary infrastructure, but also for the odd non-urban concept of living adopted by the Aurovilians. Matimandir and Visitor’s center are key attractions, but the one that takes the cake is the Auroville Beach. It is and it will forever be the finest and the most beautiful beach in Pondicherry.

Ready-made travel India packages are indeed varied, but why go some place already explored when you can always discover new places and flavors of India. Customize your travel to India and explore the unexplored. What have you to lose?

this zone. Don’t be too surprised if you come across foreign tourists smoking up weird plants against a backdrop of fluorescent dipped art that displays aliens, mushrooms, other plant forms, Indian deities, abstract forms, spaceships, etc. While you should experience the serenity of this place during your tour to Goa, a tiny advice would be to keep off any kind of smoking and trouble.


Sundays at Hilltop mark the day for trance and rave parties, cleverly scheduled on the particular day to evade the dormant Police clique away spending time with their families. Here, the crowds start pouring in as early as 3 in the afternoon and the party comes alive as the sun goes down the Goan waters in the distant horizon. And the party goes on withstanding migrations to other shores within Goa from time to time.

Whether you’re a 60 year old, a family, a group of friends or a couple for that matter, the happy go lucky Goan vibe will touch your heart in some way or the other. Rave on your tour to Goa, but pray don’t dive in too deep and stay alert! Cheers! 



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