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Jeevanvidya Dnyanpeeth,

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Jeevanvidya's philosophy is very simple. If you understand it and implement this philosophy in life you are sure to will lead a prosperous, successful and happy life. 

Jeevanvidya Mission(JVM) aims to impart Jeevanvidya philosophy to everyone. JVM is planning to build a Dnyanpeeth (knowledge centre) at Karjat in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Karjat boasts of very lush green landscaped areas. This will definitely help the dynyapeeth to have a quiet, peaceful and soothing environment.

Mr. Pradeep Tilaye is the architect who has designed and planned this campus. He is the President of of eKon Enterprises Inc., USA. The campus is designed to have lush green gardens, swimming pools, accommodation for around 200 people, recreational hall, lecture hall, amphitheatre and other amenities making the dynyapeeth a beautiful place.


The other facilities worth mentioning are the library, exhibition hall, computer room, prayer hall and the mediation gardens. The library will be equipped with books, audio CDs and DVD’s of Jeevanvidya. The exhibition hall is planned to portray Satguru’s work as photographs, paintings, awards, letters, newspaper articles, magazine articles and other memoirs of Satguru. The computer room will conduct computer based training courses as well as provide facility to listen and access to the prayers, divine music and preaching of Satguru etc. The mediation will be a garden where you would be presented with a serene, peaceful and natural environment to meditate. The divine universal prayer will be recited at every point to create a soothing mood. The prayer hall will be one of its kind acoustically designed. It is guaranteed to create a lasting impression on everyone with the vibration it creates.

If you want to see this to happen in reality please do contribute to the Jeevanvidya Dnyanpeeth fund. It might be monetary or any other kind. All your help and contribution will bring this project to completion soon. Please visit the Jeevanvidya mission site for more information – Jeevanvidya website

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