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Initially studs were made of metal which,

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From early into the life of association football there was a recognition that the varying surface quality of which the game was played meant that footwear that could cope with this was required. Initially studs were made of metal which, while performing it's job adequately led to serious injury to opposing players if the came into contact with the sole of a players boots. Metal was therefore replaced by a safer leather.Football studs are now made of varying materials, but most are composed of either rubber or plastic. Plastic studs are easy to produce and are a low cost material while rubber is a softer material that can offer a greater degree of comfort to the user. It is for these reasons that plastic tend to be dominant on softer ground in the winter conditions and rubber when the ground is firmer in dryer climates. Rubber and plastic studs can be produced so that they are either fixed to the boot or are removable and replaceable. Aluminium is a minor material for football boot studs and are nearly always removable so that different lengths can be utilised depending on the surface of the pitch. Recent designs of tiempo legend iv have positioned the studs in such a way that the weight of the user is evenly spread across the sole of the foot which can make a player move quicker and more efficiently.

There are a huge number of soccer cleats 2012 on the market these days and deciding which ones to buy can be a daunting task. Many people make the mistake of assuming that all boots are alike when that is definitely not the case. The playing surface, weather conditions, level of comfort and the position you play should all be taken into consideration when deciding on your soccer footwear.Wearing the right football boot is essential as this allows you to concentrate on your performance safe in the knowledge that your soccer footwear will not let you down when you need it most. An expensive pair of mercurial superfly safari with state of the art design will enable you to make the most of your skills although they will not make you a better player overnight.

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