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Specialities of Kerala Districts.,

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Specialities of Kerala Districts.

Specialities of Kerala Districts


Kerala Districts have different features and specialities depending upon the land, agriculture, religion,rainfall, male-female ratio, population, employment, industry, culture, economy, education, health, political and other facilities.These are listed here for quick reference.


The Largest Paddy Producing District is Palakkad.

Palakkadan Matta is the most popular and tasty rice


The largest district by area  is Palakkad having  4480 Sq.Kms.


The district having lowest literacy percentage is Palakkad -84.35%


The district with highest number of revenue villages is Palakkad -163 Nos.


The largest district with land area  available for agriculture is Palakkad .


The smallest district by area  is Alappuzha -1414 Sq.Kms.


The largest district by population is Malappuram-3625471 people


The District with smallest panchayath by literacy percentage situated at Palakkad-Puthoor-48.31%


The biggest Taluk is situated in Malappuram –Eranad Taluk.


The largest municipality by population is sitauated in this district-Alappuzha (Alappuzha Municipality)


The largest village by population is in Idukki -Kannan Devan Hills-68205 people.


The largest Village by literacy percentage is in Alappuzha-Nedumudi-97.73%


The district where people speak these languages -Malayalam,Kannada,Tulu,Hindi,English,Marathi.Alappuzha.


The smallest district by population is Wayanad-780619 persons.


The Largest district by scheduled caste population is Wayanad -17.43% of total population.


The most densely populated district is Alappuzha-1489 per as per 2001 census.


The least densely populated district is Idukki - 252 per Sq.Km.


The district with highest number of Taluks is Eranakulam-7 Nos.


The district with highest number of Development Blocks is Thrissur district -      17


The district with highest number of Municipalities is Eranakulam -10


The district with highest number of grama panchayaths  is Malappuram -100


The largest district by rural population is Eranakulam.


The district with highest rainfall is Idukki District.          


The district with lowest rainfall -Thiruvanathapuram District.


The district with highest per capita income is Eranakulam District.


The district having lowest per capita income is Malappuram District .


The district with highest number of unemployed is Thiruvanathapuram District.


The district having highest number of industrial units is Eranakulam District.


District having the highest literacy percentage is Kottayam -95.82%.


The District second in literacy percentage is Pathanamthitta-94.84%.

The largest district by the number of females is Pathanaamthitta-

1094 females per 1000 males


The District having lower number of females is

Idukki -993 females per thousand males.

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