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No More Trouble from Auto Rickshaw or Taxi - Mumbai,

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No More Trouble from Auto Rickshaw or Taxi - Mumbai
No More Trouble from Auto Rickshaw or Taxi - Mumbai.
Hi Folks (Specially who are in Mumbai right now or who would be visiting Mumbai (India) in a short while.

Have you ever come across any public transport in which you were not insulted, felt like swearing, hitting the public transport servant in the middle of the road or felt like there should be someone to listen to all your Grievances?

I am sure the answer would be YES.

Well I have something interesting for you which would really help you and build up your confidence to argue and make your point right with any such circumstances where you feel that something wrong is done to you.

If you come across any cases where you feel if any Auto Rickshaw Driver / Taxi Driver -

1.Is saying NO for the place you want to go. (They are not allowed to.. if their Meter is Up - you see FOR HIRE)
2.You feel they are charging high fare then usual. (Problem with their Tariff Card).
3.You feel their Meter is running too fast.
4.For a very short distance they just take a long route purposely (as you are new to the area).

The above are the few instances out of many and are the regular ones. Would request each one of you to make the note of the number below. It is the Traffic Control Room Number of Mumbai Police and trust me they will hear you.

Just make note of the Vehicle number.
If possible get the badge number of the driver (not compulsory). Most of the time they will not carry one along with them.

Provide the details of the number and your concern to the person available on the phone and rest will be done by them.

Mumbai Traffic Police Control Room :- +91 22 24937746, +91 22 24937747, +91 22 24937755

Also we do have a on line complaint form where you can file your complaint. Check the link below.

Online Complaint Form

There are many other useful things on Mumbai Traffic Police Site. Would request you to check the link below for details.

Mumbai Traffic Police

One more thing Would request you to share the above information with all your friends. Let me know your story in short if at all the above information has worked for you at any time.

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