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Understanding Dimensional Survey and Control,

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Dimensional survey and control is aimed at capturing the most accurate geographic data and structural geometrical data with reference to the benchmarks for control. Dimensional surveys advanced a lot lately using a combination of manual measurements and 3D scanning techniques for mathematical modelling. The data collected through these surveys can be utilised to compare the dimensions with other objects or its own primary design.

Dimensional survey techniques

Professional dimensional survey companies now utilise the most advanced technologies in surveying industry. Latest surveying equipment like Faro and Leica help in doing surveying, process control, and analysis instantly and the output of these surveys can be effectively interpreted to the clients through 2D or 3D visualisation techniques.

Deliverables of dimensional survey

The ideal deliverables of an expert dimensional survey are;

1)      Quick data evaluation

2)      Problem checking in easily understandable terms to the clients.

Exact sub-millimetre accuracy in terms of dimensional aspects needed to be ensured in order to guarantee a first-time fit, which will in turn help reduce rework and effectively save a lot of time and money. The key project benefits of proper dimensional survey and control mechanism include, but not limited to;

        Reducing the time taken for proper designing.

        Reduction of risk of redesign, re-work, and downtime due to shutdowns.

        Reduction of man exposure time at potentially hazardous sites and activities.

        No need for re-designing during installation

        Elimination of the possibility of component multi-handling.

        Perfect first time fit of pre-moulded / pre-fabricated components.

        Eradicating fit-up issues and thereby cutting off any budget overheads.

Dimensional control surveyors

The major challenges construction site managers used to face are;


        The need to effectively ensure safety.

        Reducing on-site material handling.

        Reducing the dependency on hot work on-site etc.


Construction and plant managers are always on the look out for effective ways to meet the above objectives. Here comes the role of expert dimensional control surveyors who can help in developing chaos free designs for proper installation of MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) infrastructure and other structural and equipment components by ensuring perfect first time fit.

Dimensional control surveyors are now the essential part of;

        Structural steel surveys

        Industrial measurements

        Fabrication surveys

        Topographical surveys

        Clash detection

        Alignment surveys and more.

Dimensional control surveying methods

 The surveyors collect field data using a ‘laser or infrared Total Station’ which can measure the distances with +/-1 mm accuracy. This total station can be mounted on to a tripod or can be attached to any other structural elements and can be custom configured in many possible ways to allow easy movement even through the congested areas without any loss of accuracy.


There are also GPS units and in addition to the primary data acquired through total station. These units can capture field data also and merge it to the primary data to get the most accurate measures. The advanced software like DIMES - Data Integrated Management Engineering System is used as a common reference points to all data collected through various modes. Next, 3D modelling software can create an accurate and easily interpretable design. All these elements of dimensional survey and control offer substantial benefits to all types of construction and plant projects.


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