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*Ippho Santosa* pelopor “Otak Kanan”,

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*Ippho Santosa* pelopor “Otak Kanan”
Ippho "Right" Santosa is the pioneer of the right brain and mega-bestselling author of 7 Keajaiban Rezeki.

He was born on December 30, 1977 in Pekanbaru, from parents who originated from Java and Sumatra. After a career as a marketer in Malaysia and Indonesia, then he set up and run EnterTrend Training, where tens of tens of thousands of people and hundreds of companies in Indonesia and Singapore have become participants of training and seminars.
After a career at home and abroad, then he is doing business and wrote a dozen books, which had spread to Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Germany, France, Holland, and America.
Personal Interests The right brain is the acceleration of the brain.

Now the public and the media know him as:

Expert right brain (creative marketer).

Author of the mega-bestselling books (go MURI).

Speakers seminars in Indonesia and Singapore.

Owner TK and PG Khalifah in dozens of cities.
He has written dozens of business books and motivational. His books are most in demand, always seminar, and a series of right brain are:
7 Keajaiban Rezeki: Rezeki Bertambah Nasib Berubah Dalam 99 Hari Dengan Otak Kanan.

Percepatan Rezeki Dalam 40 Hari dengan otak kanan.

10 Jurus Terlarang! Kok Masih Mau Bersaing Cara Biasa?

13 Wasiat Terlarang! Dahsyat dengan Otak Kanan! (masuk MURI)

Marketing is Bullshit… Meledakkan Profit dengan Otak Kanan.

Awards :  MURI Award
He has given over 1000 seminars and training in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

  TK Khalifah evolved into dozens of branches all over Indonesia, with the concept of partnership. All persons likely to become partners. See Ippho Santosa
Companies, communities, or who would like to invite EO provides seminars and training, then the investment is:

  • Rp 20 million (duration 3 hours).
     beyond the cost of transportation and accommodation

Seminar schedule can be found at:
To cooperate or invite, please SMS:


Website Ippho"RIGHT"Santosa


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