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Ultimate Guide On How To Make Dubstep Music,

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If you are interested in learning dubstep music, you can learn a lot about this music. Dubstep might be the genre that everybody talking about it, but unless you know how its sound, it is very struggle to describe it. Dubstep is genre of electronic dance music it was invented in south London, England. It is a mixture of step garage, broken beat, jungle dub, reggae and bass. It has become so popular that genre has mixed with other genre and had a different artist have started to dubstep their own music.


Here are some simple steps to create dubstep music: 

Drum pattern: you can have many different ways to put your drum patterns. If you see the drum patterns of rap beats and dubstep, they are very similar but it was set apart with different sound kitand speed at which they are played. A common drum patterns heard in Dubstep are: white = kick, green = snare, Blue = Hi-Hats. As you see, it is very simple but the drums kits are hard hitting and wobbles and synth are added that gives extra bounce to the track. Tempo:  the tempo for this music is between 138-142 beats per minutes which give the song and energetic feelings and high beats.

Song structure : 

A typically dubstep structure track contains
  1. Introduction: you have to start with a minimum but you have to keep a continuous beat.
  2. Main section: main section comes with a big drop and followed by the music and wobbles.
  3. Midsection/ bridge: in the end of the main section there is break on the track which is used to build a second section.
  4. Second main section: it only gives the bass drop and do the same as the first section
  5. Outro: for the listener who wants to listen the song this the main part and it only gives vocals to the drums until the song is completed.
Melody and bass line: both of this two elements must work together for the listener. In dubstep the main melody and bassline are synth and wobbles. It can be created by yourself with the help of VST plug-in and one can find it on internet. 

Sound kits and sample: 

dubsteps use very minimum vocals and it used only drum kits, instruments and synth. For the best music of dubstep you should have decent sound and kits samples and listeners should enjoyed the music. 

These are a very basic technique on how to create a dubstep music if want to learn more kindly visit LedgerNote's dubstep maker page.
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