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Blade & Soul:What Warlock's Leech does,

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One player says that he's not sure what Warlock's Leech does. The name would suggest it drains health but he did not notice that happening. he sees it makes a couple of skills cast faster but then why is it called that? What does it leech?Do you have the same question?If you have,let me tell you something about it.By a way,you can buy bns gold at our site.

You are misunderstanding leech. Sure, the word itself would suggest life steal but Blade and Soul has poor translation. It is wiser to just read the skill on what it does. Basically, your move leech does the primary thing 1. Grants you a buff call Siphon for around 12s. -Now under Siphon you gain a nasty and powerful buff if you go PVE tree. Also, Your windstrom and Dragoncall will now become instantly cast. 2. Grants you 3 spectral orb on leech hitting it's target 3. Resets the CD on your two main dps skill: Windstrom and Dragoncall/Double Helix 4. Each of your LMB (left mouse button) generates 1 additional focus. So lets say it usually give 1 focus, now it gives 2 focus.

Now leech will have additional skills if you put points into it (see below)
PVE (Most left tree) -You gain a buff that grants +20% more Critical Dmg during the duration of siphon - Upon leech hitting an enemy they are paralyzed for 1s.

PVP (Middle tree) - Upon leech hitting an enemy they are paralyzed for 1s. -heals you for 5% health upon leech hitting an enemy -Most importantly, leech will now break an enemy defense. Then if it does, it will disable/prevent the enemy from using defensive skill for 6s (meaning that if a BM is blocking or Dest is shielding, it will crack it then prevent them from using block for 6s)

Semi-PVP (Right most tree) -Your siphon buff is reduced from 12s to 4s but Leech will now stun for 3s upon hitting an enemy -CD is now reduced from 45s to 36s only

Hopefully this helps you understand leech better. For more information,welcome to our site 
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