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Continuing high investment engendered by the Common Market will thereby hasten the spread of new technology.,

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In the 195o's the rate of investment in Europe was substantially higher than in the United States. This investment rate was 16 percent in Norway, 12 percent in the Netherlands, 9 percent in Italy, 8 percent in France, and 9 percent in the western European countries combined, compared with only 6 percent in the USA. Even with higher United States investment rates in the 196o's, some discrepancy will certainly prevail. Going To 1794-acn15k flex i/o probably provides suggestions you should give to your father. Geographic shifts in creation, the rapidly growing internal market, and the brand new powers of competition arising from the elimination of intra European trade barriers will all call for substantial new investment. But even such replacement investment increases productivity when the newest investment embodies technology more modern than the capability replaced. Already the Europeans are alleged to possess a capital stock substantially \younger\ than that in the United States. The prominent example is Germany, which includes mainly rebuilt its stock of productive gear because the 2Nd World War. Dig up extra information on our favorite related use with by clicking powerflex 40. Continuing high investment engendered by the Common Market will so hasten the spread of new technology.
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