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Solution to server Queue,

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This is to voice out the problems that are Cheap Blade And Soul Gold faced with when trying to get in game. 

this queue problem wont be solved with just simply adding "more servers" 
Solution = Increase Server Capacity. eg if Mushin can only hold 5000 players, why not increase that capacity to 10k or even 15k to accomodate more players. and imo all that purchases that had been made, some of the proceeds should go to investing in expanding server cap. ( buying more servers )
Conclusion = ncsoft team and Blade and soul dev should listen to the problems the players are having. players are your customers. and by doing this queue nonsense just to play is not worth it. time wasted, money wasted. 
To the Dev team..... please treat your players as if you were the one in the situation..


There's a big reason for this: Servers aren't like PCs you can't just pop em open and stick ram in. They need to be completely reconfigured with a lot of new settings to increase capacity. Not to mention these servers are likely cross game (probably shared with wildstar).
The only quick fix (and a damn good one at that) would be a restart. There are so many AFKs abusing the afk timer immunity that comes with being online since yesterday or earlier and gold spammers make up most of them. Restarting servers takes between 5 and 30 minutes. Most likely around 10.

they totaly didnt expect this much of a crowd when launching the game. that beta test was a joke.
and yeah i mean like increase server cap in each server. also an example is wildstar, when it came out even upto this day, it had no server queue and all that madness. 
this game company is going to lose a lot of players just by this one problem, a next issue is the gold spam bots they contribute to increased population.
i believe they need to work harder on making us the " players/ customers" happy

They are adding more servers. It'll be available within a couple days:
But honestly, the main issue is the fact that we can't play every aspect of the game cross-server (this is a problem with all versions of B&S, not just NA). Who cares if they add new servers... I'm not going to go to a low-pop server if I can't do higher end raids cross-server in the future.
Are you kidding?  Wildstar had huge queues at launch on the heavily populated servers.  The one I played on before switching had 2-hour waits outside of prime time.  And when the f2p launch came last year, the waits were so long and the lag was so bad that they had to open a separate server (they were using megaserver tech at that point) to try and get people to move there temporarily...and most people didn't because they were too stubborn or already had a guild or didn't want to get split up from friends etc.
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