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Compete With Zerg Albion Online Alliances,

20 '16 Subject: Gaming, Viewed by: 991
It might've been better on higher tiers though, but my labourers are not high enough for me to test it (they are T3, I have T6 tools).My T6 guys brought back 7-11 mats it's like hitting 1 node. Before they brought back about 90 mats it's about 90% Albion Online Power Leveling reduction just like the poster that started this thread was saying. I have some T8 laborers but I never go fill those T7-8 books.

The patch to laborers seems to promote people always being in t3 gear so they can compete with zerg alliances. LOL that's a joke btw.To me it doesn't matter how much it takes to fill a T6 book at this point it's not even worth my time to go to my 6 islands and drop stuff off and pick it up. I have about 200 of T4-6 books already sitting around useless now IMO I'm not going to take the time to run them.

I really think with this patch to laborers they need to greatly reduce the weight of raw mats starting at T4 or 5. Trying to gather T6 mats that are 2 zones away from your bank / refining place is a full time job the fact you had laborers bring back mats made it not an issue you could just delete a portion of the mats while filling books to make a trip worth the time.

Once they wipe and start over it will be really interesting to see how this change to the game slows down the building / upgrading Albion Online Silver  process especially for the small guilds.

At this point the only reason to have a house is for the storage. Since chest don't hold that much more weight as you tier up house / chest I think t3 where it's at now. No real point to get houses beyond that IMO.

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