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Need help!! account get locked for no reason,

20 '16 Subject: Arts and Entertainment, Viewed by: 560
Need help from you guys. My account got locked for suspicious activity and can't log in. And even can't log in on website so I have to borrow my friends Buy Blade And Soul Gold account to seeking for help.
I got disconnected for no reason. I didn't sell gold, didn't use any program, and not even change my log in address. But B&S just lock my account. And I even can't submit a ticket because I can't log into the website. Anybody have this problem before? Or can you help me send a ticket to let B&S to know what happen here and check what's going on with my account why it got locked. I really didn't do anything that will make my account get locked.
And I've changed my password it's not working.
Thank you so much for helping.

 thank you for help but I can't even reach the support team. Do they have a number to call or online chat? every time i send a ticket from a new account or my friends account they will just told me that account is fine. And I can't login to the website so I can't submit a ticket by my own account.
And for 6, I've spend 125 dollars in this game and get lv 36 and even have 1 gold, I can't just create a new account without figure out why they lock my account for I didn't do anything suspicious.
Do you know where is their support team?

Hello Fangjie,
I am really sorry to hear that your are unable to log on your NC Account. In that very case (and only in that case), you can reach to our Support Team by sending an email directly to:
Our Support Team will most likely ask you questions first in order to verify your identity and to make sure that you are the owner of the account (since you will submit a ticket without being logged on). They will then be able to assist you!
To everyone else: please always log on with your NC Account before submitting a ticket if you are able too! This is really important for our Support Team as it will enable them to reply faster. You will save time too! And all other players waiting for Cheap BNS Gold their ticket to be answered as well :) Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, thanks again!

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