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2 things,

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2 things
1.) Name another MMO that offered server transfers during headstart, day one, or even week one... good luck.
2.) In a game where leveling 1-45 can be achieved in roughly 15 hours of play. Complaining about having to start from 1, is laughable at best. Example: 5 others and myself started on Mushin, moved to Old Man Cho after the item transfers were offered. Most of us are level 30, 2 people already have 45s, and started new characters who are around level 10... in short time. This is not isolated to just us though, there's a lot of people who have done this as well, all it takes is looking at chat to see it.
If you are going Buy BNS Goldto gripe at everyone about having or not having a meaningful arguement, you may want to recognize that your understanding of whether or not it is meaningful, is subjective.

WE, the community, caused this congestion, and it was bound to happen, if you took the time to read anything on reddit, watch streams, or looked at BnSDojo... it was clear that most of the population was going to Mushin with 0 idea of pop caps or limtiations. We all made that choice, and now that you've had to wait in multi-hour Queues for 1 out of several servers, you deservesomething? please
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