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How to Become a Founder?,

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Whether you’re interested in gaining an advantage over your foes or you want a jump-start so you can start selling sooner, you can become a founder. This offers the ability to start playing the game before anyone else, and you’ll get a lot of unique items in the process.

Founder packs come in three options:

Veteran: For $29.95, you’ll gain access to closed beta, you’ll receive 2,000 gold and you’ll also get 30 days Albion Online Silver.
Epic: For $49.95, you’ll get level 2 closed beta access, 4,500 gold and 60 days of premium account access.
Legendary: For $99.95, you’ll get level 1 closed beta access, 12,000 gold and 90 days premium account access.
You’ll also get a lot of extras, such as housing options, equipment, nametags and numerous option items based on the pack purchased.

For anyone that wants to play the game, this is a significant advantage that will allow you to get a jump on the game as fast as possible.

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