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Albion Online Make A Real Argument,

16 '16 Subject: Gaming, Viewed by: 1033
History shows that even in medieval times (+Fantasy is the Setting of the Game) there were gangs and guilds named, for those times, much more profane things than a suggestive guild name like "Black Cocks". It's simply modern vocabulary mixed in with a fantasy role with the setting. In medieval Europe gangs named with wenches and real life murderers were feared and infamous.

Surely no one can make a real argument out of how a guild name with our modern society in the mix could take away from true immersion. If you want some sort of fantasy dressing up and going to a jousting fair, then I could argue the computer already takes away from that kind of immersion. So let's not kid ourselves, lastly this is hardly profane simply because it's suggestive. I got one thing to say to those politically correct anal type. F**k you and your type for ruining language for everyone else

Yes it should be quality, but also understanding and patience. Suggestions are good, I have seen great stuff here, but this is ultimately up to the developers as this is THEIR game. Either you trust the developers by Cheap Albion Online Gold, or do not get involved if your skin is too thin and cannot take changes that makes sense to them to create an overall good product that is SUSTAINABLE.As long as this game is going to be easy to start but difficult to master at release, everyone will have its piece of cake, and different approach to the game will create an interesting ecosystem of players.

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