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Team Bloodlust has given us a little treat to tide us over until the next big news post; a closer look at the weapons of the four known classes in Blade and Soul. The amount of detailing and creativity that has gone into these weapon designs is breath taking to say the least. And for once the caster weapon isn't a staff! Let's take a look at these works of art.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

The first weapon is probably the most basic of any weapon you can possibly think of. The sword. It is, by nature, a very common and thus very generic weapon, so Team Bloodlust has worked very hard to make these sometimes dull weapons feel more exciting, and they have succeeded! They sheer detail that they have put onto this sample blade is incredible to say the least. From the hilt to the end of the blade itself, the entire weapon is crafted with such creativity and detail that the damn thing almost looks real! In addition, the weapon itself just oozes with fierceness. That's right! Fierceness! Never before has a sword looked so intimidating in an MMO. Team Bloodlust has done a great job giving new life to an old classic.It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.

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