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To be perfectly clear, these have not been just free resources for me. I have been treating the journals as dailies, of a sort. I venture into red and black zones on my own to fill them, and would not be doing that nearly as often otherwise, as Lensar has pointed out. Journals themselves have driven me to gather more materials and take an increased risk because the return was great. Heck, some days the journals are literally the only reason I opted to  buy Albion Online Gold instead of playing a single player game elsewhere.

I am not saying the return on live is not broken, or over the top. The return does need to justify the risk though, and it definitely does not feel like it does on test server right now. I may still run lower tier laborers (though I am leaning towards not even bothering with current numbers on test), but the risk v reward for anything that requires red zones is definitively way too off for me to bother with those.

On live I've been making sure to keep my journals filled so that I can send the laborers off in the morning, and the laborers off at night (I run with 12 total ranging from T3-T6), I will not be nearly as concerned with that if this patch goes live. Instead I will either opt to only bring journals with me when I am planning on doing a gathering run specifically in Albion Mall, or I will just opt out entirely. I'm not sure yet it will be worth it as the cost for the journals for many tiers outweighs the value of the returns. The time sink of upgrading buildings (all that rough stone and rough log, ugh), along with the time sink of actively managing laborers when I otherwise don't visit my personal island just doesn't seem worth it looking at return numbers right now.

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