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The Former Having A Different Outfit On MapleStory ,

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Would you like it if I reposted? If what I'm reading from my request post is correct, the character you haven't done yet is my Wind Archer, who fortunately hasn't changed much at all from when I originally requested (unlike my mercedes and paladin, with the former having a different MS Mesos and hair/face style, and the latter not existing anymore... I will keep your drawing as a memory of those times). I could also remake in Bannedstory since there really isn't an easy way to recreate the Wind Archer's cash shop cape without going in-game, and think of all the effects clutter...

He's identical except for the cape (I just checked). And I'm super grateful for the pose change, because it was hard to see what he had on in the original. . I'll draw him as soon as I can, probably in that pose because it gives me a reason to practice drawing archery poses. XD.

By the way, where does the cape come from? I didn't know it was in game, and want one for my own wind archer lol.Anyway, because I don't want to double post, I'm also posting one of the finished requests in this post, too.

The Albatross Mantle automatically appears whenever the Albatross buff is used, or at least it should.If the Wind Archer in question already has a Cash Shop cape equipped, the Albatross Mantle will not overwrite it. I see. I'm a bit disappointed that I somehow didn't miss it being released as an item separate from the buff, but oh well. 
Anyway, I'm working on yours right now. . I'm coloring it on the computer this time by Cheap MapleStory Mesos, and kind of regretting it. D:. Only because it's hard to make that hairstyle look good cell shaded.

 I finally finished coloring your picture (well.. I finished a few days ago, but I was waiting on my new computer at the time before I scanned it). Sorry about the wait. . I hope colored pencil was OK.

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