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Valar Morghulis is a mature gaming guild. Most of us have a hardcore gamer mentality, yet lack the ability to put ten hours into the game a night. Be it due to a non-gamer spouse, hard mode university raid or the dreaded dirty diaper world boss. We understand that our members have lives behind the screen and take it upon ourselves to actively work to include everyone in the fun. We are a medium sizedguildAlbion Online Silver fifty members. Our motif is community before commodity, something a lot of hardcore players don't understand; but hey we've been there. When I was in high school me and my friends would put 10+ hours into a game together. Unfortunately we come to a cross road where we decide to live on welfare and game in a closet for the rest of our lives or achieve life goals and keep gaming as a favorite pastime. Our community is focused on the latter of those two options and highly encourage anyone who shares our mentality to apply to join us.
Our Albion Division has been preemptively built to offer the most support for the upcoming game. Feel free to drop into our forums and introduce yourself, we're a pretty friendly bunch. If you think you have what it takes to join us on our crusade for pure domination then give us a look. We are active in posting on our forums and TS hosting an unlimited person server with plenty of people online at ALL times. 
About a year after Planetside 1 release XoO had formed a size-able and dominant force on the Emerald server for PS1. XoO was 3rd overall on the server across all factions for outfit points and 2nd for the Vanu faction in Albion Mall. Now if we take into account outfit points per member population it becomes a bit different with XoO being the dominant guild for the Vanu faction placing us at the #1 spot and second overall across all factions.
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