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Combat And Targeting Of Albion Online,

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Combat and targeting is probably the two biggest aspects of Tree of Life that requires the most attention. And for this game to grow as a viable PvP/PvE experience, it is a must to focus on what’s currently being offered.The Cheap Albion Online Gold is pretty simple, walk up to said structure, player, or resource, and hack and slash it until it runs out of health. The problem lies in the fact that the targeting system does not allow true real-time combat. You must first aim at a target in a awkwardly specific way until it has a green highlighted outline. Only then can you proceed to actually hit the object with your weapon. In PvE, things are manageable, but in PvP, it’s a mess when strategically lining up shots on an enemy. Whether or not this is a major priority for OddOne Games, has yet to be seen, but enough players have been vocal about for it to gain some recognition on the community forums.
The concerns moving ahead is how communicable the developers are willing to be with their U.S., Asian, and European server audiences. Should OddOne Games listen to every complaint being made? Or should they do what they have done so far, continue to update the game according to their vision, balancing features along the way? My guess is more so on getting their intended features into the game, letting the community play with them, and then making any corrections to the formula after much analysis.
With those things said, the launch of Tree of Life has accomplished many things early indie MMOs and Survival games would be very envious of. The Albion Online Silver for the most part has just simply worked without much hitches or maintenance downtime. With a low budget (prompting the entry to Steam’s Early Access), and a development crew of around 6 Koreans working on their project for 3 years, the results are fairly impressive. Future iterations and funding for this game has the potential to make this a standout title. As an Early Access game it has definitely earned my $20 entry fee, as well as my many invested hours of entertainment.

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