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Reboot: Perm Week On MapleStory,

12 '16 Subject: Arts and Entertainment, Viewed by: 1428
I suggest that the reboot world have a permanent cash shop week, where the cash shop items are permanent if bought during that week. I personally, would spend much more money knowing that I could keep some cash shop stuffs. I also believe much more people will buy Nexon, which in turn helps out the company. Pls?
I would love there to be a perm option for everything in the cash shop again for all the servers by buy MapleStory Mesos They just have to do the same thing KMS do for botters: captcha verification. Every few minutes or hours, you get a captcha and a few minutes to solve it. If you don't, you get d/c or banned.a majority of times bots are spamming in popular located player amounts, this could lead to more false bans. as for a d/c I don't think itd be a big issue unless the system wasn't functioning properly disconnection random players.
Reboot is basically a free world. If Nexon isn't going to make any sort of income from MapleStory Mesos, they'll end up shutting it down, they're already kinda on the edge this year rofl. You guys have free funds, 90 day fashion shouldn't be a problem (back to old school), otherwise go back to your original world and go be pretty over there.

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