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Forum Negativity On MapleStory,

11 '16 Subject: Arts and Entertainment, Viewed by: 961
Note that the forums are the ONLY place for players to voice their opinions and get direct feedback, from players or moderators. It is far more effective than the ticket system when a player wants to be heard.
Sure, some players can be simply overly negative, but who decides what is overly negative or just harsh criticism that shouldn't be censored? It's you guys, and since you work for Nexon, you're biased, whether you realize it or not.
This crackdown on "forum negativity" is unwarranted and promotes censorship towards things that NEED to be heard and acted upon in Maple.Oh my goodness. XD I haven't laughed that hard about an image in a while.
Still that's surprising. Thankfully, the forums I've been too have a rage section AND a spam section. 2 compeltely different sections by buy MapleStory Mesos. And thankfully, neither section are as bad as the post you showed. XD
As for being nice and positive, sadly that just doesn't fly anywhere. If people are angry, they are going to rage and say negative things.If there is something negative going on, like if there's a problem with the game, then it is important to point that problem out. And if MapleStory Mesos are complaining about the same thing over and over again, then obviously there is definitely something wrong and it needs to be fixed. 

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