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Albion Online Been Discussed To Death,

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Don't mix me up with that Low class Vermin. He claims himself a 'dark lord' however he never truly ruled. He never truly had power. He could not snap his fingers and make man bow to his wishes about Albion Online Silver. A true Dark Lord always has a plan with in a plan. Even if he is defeated, he will never lose. He will always rise again and in the end, the world belongs to him again.
My next awesome question is about something that HAS been discussed to death, but now that it is implemented I will resurrect it. The recall option. Won't this severely undermine the transportation industry by about half? One way trips are all that is necessary now, because the other direction can just be recalled. What are the cool downs on this? Since accounts are free (upon release), should I just set up recall orbs in basic houses all over the place on dozens of Albion Online Gold so I can get the goods I need anywhere I want instantly? Is part of this alpha to determine the viability of the recall ability mixed with AO's sandbox?
My next awesomER question is about the release time. I really want to get going on this right away, even if I am at work, so I MUST know the time (and time zone!)
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