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The P2W argument On Albion Online,

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The P2W argument doesn't hold any value because:

1. You could still buy gold and just directly buy the materials and level up that way.
2. You still require a minimum base level of Albion Online Silver in a profession before you could break down weapons for gains.
3. There is no "win" part of the argument. Any gold you'd spend buying items to break down could instead simply be used to buy the gear to use in the first place. The idea of buying gold, to sell for silver, to buy items, to break down said items to gain skill, to craft the very items you're breaking down, to use the items you're breaking down is quite literally one of the most stupid things I've ever heard.

In fact by encouraging this and letting people break down any item they acquire/buy, it removes items from the total economy thus making them more valuable due to less items in the economy. This consequently makes gear more valuable, and the ability to produce the Albion Online Gold that much more viable. Also since items could be broken down, if the item is worth less than the materials, it would be better for a crafter to buy the item than the materials keeping the items on par with the materials it takes to craft.

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