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The role play about Albion Online,

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They are flattening the gear power curve while increasing the fame demands at the same time. The hardcore players will get there even faster. In order to COMPETE with t8 you will have to be T6. Otherwise we will just have the same few bozos running over the entire map ONLY because they have out tiered everyone by buy Albion Online Gold. Slowing this progression was the original intent of LPs. Instead of just getting rid of them because the players who were putting in the most time didn't like it, they kept them, but completely reversed how they work. Instead of slowing players progress down, they are changing it to speed it up? And the reason is the same--to reduce the disparity between casual/moderate and hardcore players or how they can COMPETE with each other so there isn't an early imbalance in the game.
I can't play? Most of us here don't have access, and the game isn't running at the moment. I only have past experience in other games to go by, and knowing what will work and what won't. 
If tiers are easy to obtain, than this game will not be for me, and it'll fail or be reduced down to nothing more than a very boring pointless arena game with a few territory mechanics. I pray to all gods that this is not what befalls this title. 
If the Albion Online Gold is focused purely on PvP, where other aspects, role play, crafting, skilling and so on are just sidelines, again, this game will not be for me and will likely fail. And that would be extremely sad. 
Though as far as the 5x5 thing is concerned, I believe they've stated this will be increased to 10v10 or larger. Moreover, many zones do not have a group size restriction, even a tier 1 player will still have value there. This is not WoW where a level 50 is utterly and completely useless against a level 70.
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