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Better late than never. Minecraft has always been a favorite of mine on the PC and mobile platforms. Control schemes and convenience has always been a nagging issue with me in the past though. Minecraft: Vita Edition was one of the biggest reasons for me to buy Albion Online Gold this year. Building on the go, or comfortably on my bed was what kept me chipping away at my world. There is so much to do with this game, and it will definitely be played long into 2015.

Racing games in 2014 seemed to have taken a step back as far as evolving the genre. I had to look to an early access game that has one amazing feature. Complete and utter destruction. Cars don’t just get totaled, they get totally unrecognizable. The soft-body physics plays into cosmetics, as well as mechanically altering your race car, which is a big plus. You can jump right into a “destruction derby” style arena if your single focus is to relieve some built up stress. I found the race modes such as the figure eight and circle tracks the best mix of arcade, and competitive play. Upwards of 20 cars roaring around the track slamming into Albion Online Silver. The sense of speed is magnified because any wrong move could put you from first to last. I can’t wait to see what this Next Car Game offers in 2015.

A heart-felt strategy/survival game came out of no where in the tail-end of 2014. This War of Mine shared to the world the suffering of the human race as depicted by normal everyday people. Unlike many games where you play as the soldier, your task here is to survive at all costs. Everyday was a struggle, and it took a lot of trial and error to finally find my groove. Once I did, I set up my defenses and prepared for the worst. I eventually found the formula of success that took me to the end credits. It was a much welcomed end to the emotional journey that I still reflect on to this date.
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