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Two Compelling Good reasons to Change to Responsive Web site design,

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Responsive Website design (RWD) is a popular and recent method of designing websites. Web development has enabled websites being readable and viewable through the type of device. Whether a person is accessing the site from his smartphone, tablet, laptop or laptop or computer, the aim of the website designer should be to optimize viewing. With the creation of RWD, webmasters are rapidly looking at website re-design from old-fashioned to latest technology implementation in order to possess a responsive website.

The principle behind RWD is rather straight-forward. Rather than designing one webpage that is of a fixed size and places itself at the center with the viewing screen, responsive webpages include components which can resize, shape and situate themselves based on the sized the screen on which they're being browsed. The components take advantage of CSS media queries in order for the display size to be determined. This article discusses two main compelling reasons for you to definitely switch to RWD if you haven't done so already.

1. Responsive Websites Attract Readers

If your certain reader usually accesses your site from the laptop or laptop or computer, he has a concept concerning the content and layout already. If then he efforts to access your website through a smartphone only to find your mobile site contains less content or even the appearance significantly is different from the familiar look, he could be sure to get frustrated in order to find alternative websites.


Also, if your mobile site is not optimized for viewing on smaller screen sizes, the visitor will certainly return to search engine results pages. This activity is instantly recorded by Google along with your mobile site is marked as unsuitable for that particular search phrase which guided the reader to your website in the first place. Your site will no longer be suited to SEO (search engine marketing) and you're likely to lose visitors easily for this reason drawback.

2. Single URL Is needed

By having a responsive style of your internet site, you'll be able to store your backlinks. This means that all your SEO can be focused on one site causing your links to direct to at least one domain. This is not the situation for mobile websites a treadmill desktop site. Your site will also take advantage of an enormous boost if this appears on search engine results page.

Moreover, a single URL is needed to share your site on social media marketing. This helps to ensure that whenever your website is shared or perhaps the link is engaged, all the content is going to be viewable and clear towards the reader. It will be much easier to navigate through the website irrespective of whether it really is being accessed from a smartphone, a tablet or perhaps a desktop.


When coming up with any website, the foremost aim is to attract readers. The commitment of readers to your site is basically based on how easy it's to look at and travel through the site from the form of device. This is where RWD comes in handy.

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