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Being a novice website designer the hardest element of making a new website is getting actual people-to take a look at your website. Picking out the following good idea appears to be the easy part but if you are the only person reading work it can never be described as a real success. I have been doing some experimenting with this problem and listed below are some of things that appear to work for me.

1. Social Bookmarking this is my number one pick because in large it's brought the lions share of the traffic to my site, there are several good sites that this is my personal favorite it appears to be one of the most popular at the time you may submit a link to one of your stories with a brief description and if it intrest the sets of the diggers you will make it to the homepage.

2. Article Directories I have to admit there are a lot of crappy articles on most article directories therefore if you put your well crafted article on one it is bound to get purchased by countless content deprived web sites searching for new experiences all they will all have backlinks pointing to you, generally seems to be-a great one.

3. Learn further on our affiliated article directory - Click here: read more. Forums Posting - This has got to be the most time intensive one if you do-it properly you must find people who could have some curiosity in your site, in my case these are computer related forums and I try to help people with there computer issues and drop a link to my site in the signature. Becareful with this one please dont spam boards with a number of junk simply to get you link around if you can enhance a dialogue or help another member most forum admins won't have any problems with you getting a link in your sig.

4. Internet site crawled - That is among the hardest things to do but it has the potential to settle big in the event that you get a good position from Google. To compare additional info, please check-out: google link emperor. One thing that really needs to be tested is the Robots.txt file this permits search-engine spiders to precisely craw your pages a more step by step article on the subject can be found here In addition you might consider looking to implement Googles new Site-map generator - this can be o-n my to-do list
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