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MSI GT70 Dominator Real Beast of a Laptop,

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After waiting for several days, finally MSI GT70 gaming notebooks as promised, also came to our test lab. It could be said that this notebook is very special because it comes a week before Intel allows us to unveil the performance of the Intel its 4th generation, Haswell. Still in the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), we started to do some testing on Haswell processors that you can read in the article "Intel Core i Haswell 4th Generation for Mobile". After we present the performance of the CPU used in notebook MSI GT70, this time we will do a review of this notebook, so you can see for yourself closer on this gaming notebook.

MSI GT70, come with a fairly large size due to the use of the screen size of 17.3" with a matte finish that uses a Full HD resolution, 1920 × 1080. The whole casing of the notebook MSI GT70 is merged with matte black with a mix of various materials such as aluminum, plastic and acrylic that make this notebook has a charming and solid impression. On the cover of the LCD screen, MSI uses aluminum with colored plastic outskirts doff with MSI article that will light up when you are using this notebook.

Overall this notebook has dimensions of 428 mm x 288 mm with a thickness of 55 mm and a weight of nearly 4 kg. For a notebook, the MSI GT70 has a size large enough and heavy enough weight, so that makes you would think many times to always take it wherever you travel. Not to mention the charger adapter that has a weight of up to 725 grams. However, MSI GT70 still it will be a wonderful companion for gamers who always attend a LAN party or just play games together in one place, than they have to carry a set of PC.

This notebook can be said to carry out the specifications that you can imagine and probably a Desktop Gaming PC was not carrying this specification. MSI GT70 uses Intel Core i7 processor Haswell 4930MX which has a speed of 3 GHz and thanks to the Turbo Boost can reach a speed of 3.8 GHz. Naming MX behind series processors indicates that processors are series Mobile Exteme that its performance can rival desktop processors and we have to prove to review previous mobile Haswell. To support the performance of the processor, MSI embed 16GB of DDR3 memory (8GB per-SODIMMs) in two SODIMM slots of four SODIMM slots are available, total memory that you can use on this notebook is 32GB on four SO-DIMM slots it.

In addition, in order to provide a high performance, MSI provides mSSD 3 units with a capacity of 120GB per-unit run at the Super RAID-0 configuration to provide read and wride high for the operating system Windows 8. If you feel 120GB insufficient to storing the data, do not be afraid, MSI has provided a hard disk with a capacity of 750GB which runs at 7200RPM rotation. MSI GT70 gaming class notebook uses NVIDIA GTX780M graphics with 4GB of GDDR5 memory which is the top series made by NVIDIA to be embedded in a mobile device. NVIDIA Optimus technology still can be found on this notebook, so if you're not running applications that require high performance graphics, the graphics on the Intel HD 4600 up to the task, it is intended to provide durability longer life.

We will not discuss the graphics used by the notebook in this review, we will present separately later for you to be able to give a better picture related to the performance of the graphics processor. To cool the CPU and GPU, in this notebook has provided 2 pieces equipped with heatpipe heatsink which is cooled by a fan that you can control the speed with the button above the keyboard. Various fittings can be found on the left, right, and back of the notebook MSI's GT70. You can find as many as three USB3.0 ports on the left side of the notebook. This notebook has a variety of display ports on the back, starting from D-sub, Display port and HDMI. In addition, the notebook is also equipped with an optical drive that is ready to burn a DVD or can play Blu-ray discs. 

Moreover, given Gigabit Ethernet LAN features the Killer, where if you are using this notebook to play games online, then the entire data path that you use to access the Internet will be prioritized for the data path play online games. Not only gaming notebook MSI GT70 offered by this, but also a complete entertainment you can find on this notebook. If you do not look GT70 as a gaming machine, you still get a Blu-ray player with screen 17.3" 1080P resolution and sound from Dynaudio are equipped with a subwoofer. Specifications That certainly could be the right partner when you want to relax in when you are finished doing office work and gaming saturated. The sound quality is quite good sounding presented according to our hearing and sound of pounding bass speakers quite noticeably compared to ordinary notebook.

The keyboard is used by notebook has a full layout with chiclet keys that have the form of a large size. The keyboard is supplied by Steelseries so that when used feels different because it feels soft and comfortable. The keyboard on this notebook is also equipped with a backlit keyboard that you can set the color according to taste. In addition, there is a setting where the only option AWSD keys are illuminated. With the backlit keyboard, you can use this notebook in the room comfortably low light. Handrest have aluminum finishing section where you can find a touchpad that has a size that is quite spacious with on/off button for the touchpad. With the vast size of the trackpad, you can move freely when the finger multi-touch movement.

At the top of the keyboard there is a wide range of soft touch buttons that will give you direct access to multimedia controls, a full fan speed, on/off backlit keyboard, airplane mode, the display switches, and system control menu. To minimize errors pressing the Windows Menu when playing FPS games, MSI move windows menu button to the right of the course, other than to avoid accidental keypresses also little need to make you get used when you are using this notebook.

You're a gamer who always play a LAN party or playing together with your friends somewhere? Notebook MSI GT70 is a fitting choice to be your partner in a battle. High performance graphics processor with a top class will satisfy your cravings for playing games. In addition, you do not need to linger for loading the data because this notebook uses Super mSSD configured with RAID-o to be able to provide the Read and Write is high. Comfortable keyboard is quite reliable when you do share maneuver when playing games and there is also a sound system that will satisfy you both when playing games or when using this notebook as an entertainment center to watch full HD movies and listening to music. Big screen with full HD resolution will also satisfy your eyes to perform these two activities.

Unfortunately, the dimensions and weighs make your balls shrink when it should be using this notebook as a mobile constantly, because you have to be willing to carry the whole weight of the notebook, which reached mencapau 4.7 Kg notebook and charger and yet the power cable. This notebook is a desktop replacement that fits into a more efficient and power saving. Overall, the MSI GT70 gaming notebooks can be said to be a monster that has a very high performance and abundant features make a notebook that is said to be more than you can imagine. For more detail about this best gaming laptops you can visit the source.

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