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Barca Messi Neymar attendance is protected,

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In the past week, international competitions, Neymar is the most outstanding performance of Barcelona (official website data) players. Injury in the body of Lionel Messi (micro-Bobo-off data) did not play.

Alba injured in the national competitions.

Ming Basa 13 first team players representing each team participated in a series of games, including Alba injured distressing. Players were a total of 1267 minutes played game, per 97 minutes. Below we list the details of their appearances.

Mascherano (data) (Argentina) 90 minutes

He missed the game Argentina 2-0 in El Salvador. In Argentina 2-1 Ecuador game, Mascherano played in the audience first.

Lionel Messi (Argentina) 0 minutes

Messi with Argentina went to the United States, but did not participate in any race. Messi injured, coach Martino for insurance purposes, did not let Messi played.

Pique (microblogging data) (Spain) 158 minutes

This is the name of the guard took part in the two games, 1-0 in Spain in 2016, Norway in the European preliminaries, he played 90 minutes; he also participated in the 0-2 friendly against the Netherlands, played 68 minutes.

Mark - Batra (Spain) 0 minutes

In two games, Bosque (microblogging) did not let him play.

Alba (Spain) 78 minutes

In Spain, the game against Ukraine, Alba leg injury.

Busquets (Spain) 90 minutes

In the European preliminaries, Busquets played a key role. He missed the friendly against the Netherlands.

Iniesta (data) (Spain) 88 minutes

In that European preliminaries held in Seville, Iniesta played 74 minutes; in the last 15 minutes of the friendly match of the Amsterdam Arena, Iniesta played.

Pedro (Spain) 70 minutes

Timing and Iniesta played just the opposite, Pedro played 25 minutes off the bench in the Pizjuan in the game, in a friendly match against the Netherlands starting to play and was replaced.

Rakitic (Croatia) 75 minutes

Norway 5-1 in the game, the Barcelona midfielder played a key role and teammates broke. Currently he and his team is the European qualifying heats popular team.

Bravo (Chile) 180 minutes

Barcelona goalkeeper played two friendlies, Iran 2-0 and 0-1 respectively, Brazil.

Neymar (Brazil) 180 minutes

Neymar also played two games, beating France and Chile.

Teershite root (Germany U21) 90 minutes

In Middlesbrough, Barca goalkeeper and his team beat England 3-2.

Rafinha - Alcantara (Brazil U23) 168 minutes

Barcelona midfielder played two games, his team beat Paraguay 4-1, 0-0 to shake hands with the Mexican Olympic team.

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