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end of February. Market research firm Silvia Quandt analyst Mark ,

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first-quarter sales in China surged 26 percent, which help its sales and profit forecasts become the biggest winner. Puma said last week that its competitors, failed to reach the expected value of earnings in the first quarter, and with the "mediocre" wording to describe its sales in the Chinese market, while European shoppers consumer restraint, cautious. World number one sporting goods company Nike informed that before, its sales in the Chinese market as of the third quarter of this year increased by 21 percent by the end of February. Market research firm Silvia Quandt analyst Mark Wolfson said Chaucer, Adidas sales growth in the Chinese market shows that the problem faced by competitors in the  cheap toms shoes region, partly due to competitive Adidas caused. Adidas said 

the company currently expects 2012 sales to rise by about 10%, more than previously estimated 5-9%, while net income compared to the previous guidance of goal to grow 12-17%.Diversified publicity strategy to consolidate brand differentiation ANTA Sports will be cross-border cooperation with Procter & Gamble and McDonald's, appear on their terminals and media platforms Chinese sports delegation "champion Long service" and have launched integrated marketing campaign to promote the Olympic spirit together . ANTA Sports also strengthen the close cooperation with the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee to support the establishment during the London Olympics, "China House" brings together Chinese and foreign media,

 and to the spread of high-end media resources ANTA brand culture. In addition, the Company and the International Olympic Committee, toms shoes mens the Olympic Games will extend the use of the Olympic flag series commodity. A series of Olympic-themed promotional activities will commence in nearly a thousand retail stores Anta, by receiving awards on display in the store, in the form of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the International Olympic licensed merchandise sales, large-scale events such as road shows, will not only help Anta and consumers closer, more importantly,
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