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Sunderland fans gave him on without mercy chorus of boos,

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and he continued to serve as a substitute, the 67thMinute substitute appearances without BONINI. Like Ba Shen and BONINI as failures, however, still failed to score their first goal in the Premier League, after the game he took the blame cold weather in Sunderland, used two f-prefix of the United Kingdom called to express their discontent and melancholy: "it is I played most of his x x his coldest cities! "Sunderland not only cold, but also very slippery. Competitions he had off Former Manchester United Defender Shea, nike free run 5.0 running shoes received single opportunity feet skidded and fell to the ground, dumbfounding, Sunderland fans gave him on without mercy chorus of boos and jeers. Some netizens joked BA God inherits the captain Steven Gerrard to slip stunt, but did not inherit his good qualities. Former Sunderland and Liverpool goalkeeper Mignolet said he alerted Pakistan God the

weather was too bad: "I didn't warn Charlotte Lee is so cold here, otherwise he will be worried before the game. It is cold and windy, but after the game he can, like other people, feel happy for 3 minutes. "Last night in the 18th round of the Spanish League, Real Madrid's 3-0 home win against Spain who, a game they continue in La Liga standings lead. Although Ronaldo this match without a goal, but he assists Rodriguez scored in the 12th minute. Beijing time at 1:30 tomorrow, FIFA 2014 will be announced the winner of the Golden Globe Awards, and fans at the Bernabeu Stadium nike free run 3 womens running shoes also in the Ronaldo hype. According to the sports daily Marca reported in the second half the game, Santiago Bernabeu crowd began chanting in unison, "Golden Globe Award! Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball award! "Such a slogan. But it was Ronaldo this season La Liga assists on the 9th, equalling the number of assists last season. Coupled with 26 League goals,

Can say Ronaldo this season worthy of the best players in world football. Having played the game, Ronaldo will travel to Switzerland from FIFA in Zurich at the Golden Globe Awards. Although results are not yet official, but the Aspen daily pointed out that current odds showed Ronaldo winning probability close to 90%. Spain-owned bookmaker sportium seven La Liga club sponsors, according to their odds, Cristiano Ronaldo winning odds of up to 1-to-1.12, which means that the probability that he won Golden Globes up to 89.29%, almost declared Ronaldo ahead of winning. While the other two Golden Globe Awards nominees, Neuer is the winning

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