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United's Netherlands striker Robin van Persie ,

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odds are 1-to-5.5, and Ronaldo has obvious gaps, Messi is only 1-11. In fact Manuel Neuer and Lionel Messi have recognized Ronaldo won the Golden Ball Award for reality, Neuer said, "I'm looking forward to attend the awards ceremony, and enjoy the night. I know I'm not the award-winning hit. "Massey has admitted," I think this year is difficult, let us enjoy the awards ceremony. Whoever is winning deserved, Ronaldo and nuoyierdu played a great season, nike flyknit lunar 2 womens winning the Champions League and scored a lot of goals, while the other is to win the World Cup. "Investors can buy one share, this can be considered a special case of football, would see no more than in other industries. --Van seggelen, the international professional footballers in England's top League scorer in wanggelifusi eyes, this ancient sport of football was very funny. In fact, football industry as well. In other

 areas of sports, no one is willing to engage in other transactions of property. Yes, compared with 10 years ago, now the football transfer market has made considerable progress, players have more freedom, and no longer only joined the team. However, each player is clearly marked, it still allows us to think of 19Century poles of slaves for sale ads posted in Texas. Compared to the Wild West area of various misdeeds, is undoubtedly third party ownership. In General, players can at least be satisfied with the nike free run contract, whether from the period still pay, this is true. But when it comes to third-party ownership, things will get worse, which I had been discussed in the previous column, I do not speak for themselves. There is no doubt that FIFA had the courage to impose ban on third-party ownership, but there is still a lot of people skeptical, arguing that FIFA would be able to do

that. In the Iberian Peninsula as well as South America, supports third-party ownership of many, can be banned is undoubtedly more out of moral consideration, rather than FIFA's political strategy, so worthy of praise. FIFA's new rules as follows: May 1, 2015, the third-party ownership of any clubs not to sign a new agreement. Third-party ownership agreement, signed January 1, 2015 to April 30, valid for up to 12 months. Ownership of existing third-party agreements in player contract period will be retained, but immediately after the expiration of the contract lapse. Already set up for FIFA player ownership of third party working group, comprising representatives from Portugal, and Brazil and England, the goal is to implement the ban. FIFA last year 9Monthly meeting of the Executive Committee made the decision to ban third-party ownership, and on the proposal at

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