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a meeting in Marrakesh last week were revised. Wait and see what will happen next, really is a funny thing, for FIFA, and the hard work is only just beginning, announced the ban and is quite different from the ban. FIFA will seem to encounter serious challenges. While FIFA is the world governing body of soccer's biggest, but to prohibit third-party ownership, their biggest problem is justice. According to the international transfer certificate, FIFA can control the player of cross border transactions. If not international transfer certificate from FIFA, players could not be in   nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk another country club to finish the registration. FIFA use this lever binding on all international transfers, to ensure that all transfers are completed within the framework of the FIFA transfer matching system. Transfer matching system is one of the advantages is the ability to guarantee the transfer

completed in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the FIFA. This network monitoring of popular, because FIFA on player transfers and transfer involves the process of tracking cash transactions. However, the transfer matching system has its limits, because it can only act on the international transfer window, meaning that FIFA may well ignore factors of third-party ownership. England, France, and Poland national associations, such as the introduction nike mid blazer womens of a unilateral ban on third-party ownership, but all other States still allow such deals. Whether all countries will eventually be implemented by FIFA regulations? It is difficult to obtain, as a certain FIFA Executive told me that, although FIFA intends to strictly implement the ban. But he also admitted that, even ifProvisions setting does not have any loopholes, there was the danger of some high end investors exploit,

they can through foreign tax policy continues to make third-party ownership of tricks, because this will bring greater benefits. Bloomberg financial markets, a report quoted the words of a certain third parties ownership of investor Advisory, it was revealed that he worked for third-party ownership of investment spending was huge, only 8 deal involving a cost of up to 5Millions of dollars. As I come into contact with the FIFA Executive said: "the decision to ban third-party ownership is correct, our task is to practically implement the ban. "Investor input is made is, and has no relationship with football, but there is no doubt that they will try to ensure the proceeds of their investments. Players undoubtedly are assets that cannot be cashed in immediately, non-transfer period, the Club has no right to sell it. But investors can freely sold its partial ownership of the player, which

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