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after 36 days in the League as long as he nearly ,

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 around, but unfortunately, Torres performed sluggish after the battle, only steal the last time was in an offside position and complete the turn and shot was blocked, but he was almost invisible on the Court. With Torres today used his "g Barcelona law" declaring failure, he worked at Chelsea, he was scoring at the NOU camp and helped the Blues eliminated Barcelona into the Champions League final,  air jordan 6 retro uk when he first played Atletico Madrid, when he had 10 Barcelona scoring 7 goals. Lacklustre Torres after the game, won't be Spain focus + hot topic media attention, by contrast, his strike rival manzujiqi will be great. Manzujiqi not only do on offense in this game to suppress Barcelona's defense will be, but also serious quarrel with Sergio Busquets, was more critical, today he has 1 goal for Atletico, thus avoiding defending champions Barcelona swept. After 56 minutes, Gamez

fell in the penalty area, Atletico's penalty, replays showed that defend Messi a slight touch and Mace. Then took a penalty point is manzujiqi, he relaxed end of the ball into the net. Manzujiqi scored at the Nou Camp learn when Raúl broke Holy Year celebration at the Camp Nou manzujiqi Raul celebrates after scoring manzujiqi satisfying air jordan 4 retro uk catharsis of repressed emotions for a long time, you know, from his earlier visits, after 36 days in the League as long as he nearly 4Appearances for Atletico's appearances are not scored. After scoring manzujiqi celebration of the show is his right index finger in his mouth to so indicate "all Barca fans to shut up", a celebration of pioneer's former Real Madrid Captain Raul, rings in the one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine-zeros season Real Madrid against Barcelona after broke his index finger in his mouth gave Barca fans into

silence. In addition, two thousand eleven-twelveths La Liga season in 35th round, Barca's 1-2 home loss to Real Madrid, Ronaldo had a similar move when he scored the go-ahead score goals, Portugal then hands over more than 90,000 Barcelona fans to cool the rangnuokanpu Stadium sign. FIFA's Golden Ball prize presentation ceremony will be held in Beijing on January 13, 2015 1:30 in Zurich, world football stars will attend the annual celebration. According to France football media messages from the Equipe of authority, the big Parisian two-star central defender Thiago Silva and David Lewis was invited by the FIFA, but Paris coach Laurent Blanc refused to allow two players to attend the ceremony. The team reported: pair of centre-back does not attend the Golden Globe awards ceremony in Paris the team news: Paris two centre-backs do not attend the Golden Globe

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