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Cup one-eighth-finals first leg against Real Madrid,

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 will add extra pressure to the Club, so they choose to sell players during the midseason transfer window, the benefit of its investors. Many players were sold will reduce the player's overall price will eventually let investors and the Club to be gained from both sides. Also, because third-party ownership into the transfer market, the lack of external financial support, except for those in pursuit of more players,  air jordan 3 retro uk other transactions of real winger, who fact below market prices. Faced with this risk, investors will try to let the game continue, if they all take the form of offshore operations, and with the Club conspiracy, FIFA really can do is very limited. However, FIFA bans and convey a clear message to all clubs, if the transfer matching system can become a broader coverage, and this will reduce the chances of being abused. Several national associations have introduced FIFA transfer

system, concrete operating its domestic players, if that expanded the scope of the world, all players will be included within the scope of regulation of the transfer matching system. All national associations should adopt this system, if they refuse,FIFA should be forced to accept. In this way, investors can sell players like horse ownership, a unique phenomenon in the world of football will end. Torres on the occasion of winter window-return to Atletico air jordan 1 retro uk Madrid, Spain media have pointed out that Torres ' debut after coming home will be the King's Cup one-eighth-finals first leg against Real Madrid, then he will be representing Atletico in the League against Barcelona. Turns out, Yes, Atletico 2-0 home win over Real Madrid in the King's Cup last week, Torres starting debut, and the Nou Camp today, he was a substitute. However, the two fans high hopes by Torres games, but

he is not meritorious. Scored 1 goal manzujiqi imitation, Raul shut the classic gesture of protest the Camp Nou fans. Fernando Torres on the bench on the bench against Real Madrid, Torres while no goal start, but during the game it puts great pressure on Real Madrid's defense, he is not losing in many conversations with Ramos, closing up front is also very positive, Marca, the Aspen newspapers after the game which Torres was given high praise. Start playing in Real Madrid's Fernando Torres, representative of the current round of La Liga Ma Jingke Barcelona failed to enter the starting lineup, he was Captain Gaby in the 68th-minute substitute in the second half, bringing Atletico a two-striker tactics resorted to, with Fernando Torres pairing is manzujiqi. Time Torres, Atletico 1-2Losing, coach Diego Simeone is clearly want to see Fernando Torres can help this team turn things

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