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Vamp firm up soft packages, no new shoes feet. Upper according to the wearer's strength and force distribution of upper vamp with a different sized sand slip through reinforcement, tensile deformation adidas zx 8000 uk   of control Microfiber uppers. Shoes can be seen in the head into second half arranged radially than upper part more closely, in order to stop drop step moves, such as the forefoot upper lateral force provided additio adidas zx 750 uk nal packages, reducing lateral sliding of the foot. And the upper part of the grid larger arranged more lax, the miter grooves at the higher or the edges of the sole fine-pattern outsole, after combat and caijie almost no wear. Weight of individual 464g and I have a pair
Q1 (468g) almost the same, although with "plastic shoes" lighter than not too, but please, do not forget the leather and the overall feeling of being rich, so get started people almost always exclaim it color scheme while lamenting its light. Addition for those of us who can't play 80+ games every year, shoe key as the second signature shoe series 14th generation of shoes, plus a master Iverson's personal charm and legend, say like Iverson fans now have a considerable economic strength, but as a retired star's new boots
And with no powerful stars back in the quarter, the price is still a little expensive at around 1000, personally think that scope for a certain price. Review REEBOK QUESTION shoes time be launched at a time, and may be able to appreciate the upper ankle elastic protrusions inside the filling, with outer soles and uppers reinforced with rollover prevention, which made me very satisfied. Over more than 700 net purchase price can make up for a recent high-end low real good shoes in white space, and prices then even better. If you like actual combat shoes wear low cut shoes and have a little complex of AJ, AJ14.5 really have no reason to refuse to start. Subjective score 24 points. Before the comprehensive practical assessment

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